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Frog Bathroom Decor

Cutest Frog Bathroom Accessories!

Hello fellow frog lovers of America!
Today we meet again for more fun frog stuff!
This time for the bathroom!
How about that?

best frog bathroom decor

Frog Bathroom Decor: Cute Frog Scrubby Holder

Frog Bathroom Decor: Adorable Frog Scrubby Holder

I found some pretty amazing and very inexpensive frog bathroom decor accessories for sale and I knew I had to display them all here in LuvFrogs, of course!
Where else? 🙂

*Oh my goodness!
This frog is more than ready to swallow your soap!

Frogs love to live in bathrooms too!

Here you will find the cutest frog shower curtains, frog bathroom rugs, frog accessories for the sink and more!

Let’s go!

Adorable 5 piece Frogs Bathroom Set!

Cute Frog Bathroom Accessories!

Cute Frog Bathroom Accessories

Cute Frog Bathroom Accessories for Kids

Kids Cartoon FROG Bathroom Accessories Resin Bathroom Set, 5pcs

These frog fellows are not that lazy!
(Yes, of course they love to just watch what’s happening around them too, of course…)
But they each have a job!
That’s right!
One is a cute and happy frog lotion dispenser, another one is a toothbrush holder, one holds the soap and the other two are tumblers!
How about that?
They are happy, friendly fellows too! 🙂
Perfect frogs bathroom set for a kid’s bathroom!
They are gonna love brushing their teeth and washing their hands in the company of these happy frogs!

Very Cute 4-Piece Rubber Frogs Set

4-Piece Rubber Frogs Set

Cute 4-Piece Rubber Frogs Set

Creative Bath Products 4-Piece Rubber Frogs Set

What a loving rubber frog family!
While mommy rubber frog holds your soap, baby rubber frogs play! 🙂
(Sometimes they like to climb on their mommy back too, you know…)
This is great for a child’s bathroom!

Fun Frog/Toad Bathroom Decor Accessory Set!

Frog/Toad Bathroom Decor Accessory Set

Frog/Toad Bathroom Decor Accessory Set

Children’s Frog/Toad Bathroom Decor Accessory Set – 3 Piece Bundle Includes: Lotion Dispenser, Soap Dish & Toothbrush Holder!

You will get these three happy frogs to help you out in the bathroom!
One happy frog will hold your toothbrushes while his brothers will hold your bar soap and your liquid hand-soap!
They are adorable!

The Most Fun Frog Bathroom Decor Accessories!

Froggy 4 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Froggy 4 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Froggy 4 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Froggy 4 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Look what I just found my fellow frog lover friends!
Another cute, fun and adorable frog theme bathroom accessories!
They are so happy to live in your bathroom! 🙂
I love the frog waste basket!
And the cute frog soap dispenser!
I love them all!

Frog in Tub Shower Curtain!

Cute Frog in Tub Shower Curtain

Cute Frog in Tub Shower Curtain

CafePress Frog in Tub Shower Curtain Green Shower Curtain – Standard White

I love frog shower curtains!
They are the best frog bathroom decor accessories around!
Everyone will see your passion for frogs right away! 🙂
This frog also loves to take showers!
He is a very clean fellow!

Fun Frogs Shower Curtain!

Fun Frogs Shower Curtain

Fun Frogs Shower Curtain

FROGS Shower Curtain

These frogs are having a blast playing in the water!
They even made friends with all the fish!
They love to make bubbles and just float around in the tub!

Gorgeous Red Eyed Tree Frog Bathroom Shower Curtain for Sale!

Red Eyed Tree Frog Bathroom Shower Curtain

Fun Red Eyed Tree Frog Bathroom Shower Curtain

Funny tree frog design Graphics and More Red Eyed Tree Frog Bathroom decor 100% Polyester Shower Curtain (48″ wide x 72″ long)

How cool and fun is this tree frog shower curtain?
Just perfect to complement your amazing frog themed bathroom! 🙂

Very Cool Frog Shadow Shower Curtain!

Cool Frog Shadow Shower Curtain

Cool Frog Shadow Shower Curtain

Cool Frog Shadow Shower Curtain

Check out this awesome frog shadow shower curtain!
It seem there’s a huge frog climbing the curtain on the other side!
Very unique!
Your guests and kids are gonna love it! 🙂

Cute Green Frog Rug!

cute frog shape rugs

Cute Frog Rug

Cute Frog Shaped Rug

Another fun frog bathroom accessory is a cute frog shaped rug, of course!
Perfect to have right by your sink!
He is always happy to keep your feet (hopefully clean and smelling fresh) nice and dry while you brush your teeth!

Frogmania Tufted Rug

Fun Frog Shaped Rug

Fun Frog Shaped Rug

Frog Mania Tufted Bath Rug

Another cute and adorable frog shaped rug for your bathroom!
He seems to be ready to take a nap after enjoying a nice snack…

Cute Frog Hooded Bath Towel!

Frog Hooded Bath Towel

Frog Hooded Bath Towel

Cute Frog Hooded Bath Towel, in Green

Of course a fun frog bathroom also needs to have fun frog bath towels!
This is a very cute frog hooded bath towel for kids!
(I wish they had them for adults too… I would love to have one for myself too! 🙂

Funny Frog Toilet Lid Decal!

Awesome Frog Bathroom Accessories!

Funny Frog Toilet Lid Decal

Funny Frog Toilet Lid Decal

Funny Toilet Lid Decal “Frog with Lifesaver” – 11.8 x 15.7 Inch

Omg this cool frog toilet lid decal is beyond awesome!
Your bathroom guests will have a blast looking at him chilling on his yellow duck lifesaver before they…. well… you know…. before they take care of business…

Fun Tree Frog Ceramic Tile!

Fun Tree Frog Ceramic Tiles

Fun Tree Frog Ceramic Tiles

Tree Frog Ceramic Tiles

How about having gorgeous tree frog ceramic tiles all over your bathroom wall?
What a cool idea!
You are definitely gonna have a true ‘frog bathroom’! 🙂

Metal Frog Hook Set!

Frog Hook Set

Frog Hook Set

Frog Hook, Set of 3

Of course as a frog lover you also want to have frog shaped hooks in your bathroom, am I right? 🙂
Now you can!
They are a lot of fun!

Fun Frog Shaped Mirror!

Fun Frog Shaped Mirror

Fun Frog Shaped Mirror

Frog Shatterproof Acrylic Safety Mirror – 16 inch

And last, but definitely not least, I leave you here today with this fun frog shaped mirror!
How cool is it?
Very easy to put up!
Perfect to have right in front of the toilet seat! 🙂

*I hope you enjoyed my frog bathroom decor ideas from this page and were able to create the most awesome frog bathroom in your house! 🙂
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  • carolyn farley

    looking for frog toilet paper stand

    • Frog Stuff Lover

      I’ll try to find one! Thank you! 🙂

  • Barbara Maxwell

    I am looking for a complete frog bathroom with accessories. My bathroom is small so can’t use big frogs. Can you please help me?

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